Dang Gui (Angelica sinensis) has been known as “Ginseng for women.” It abundantly comprises vitamin B12 and Ligustilid--an important bioactive compound that prevents brain atrophy and improves its memory as well as cognitive functions. Dang Gui relieves cyclic menstrual pain, lessens menstrual irregularity, prevents blood clot, promotes blood circulation, strengthens red blood cells, alleviates muscle pains, and improves digestive and excretory systems. 

Dang Gui also contains many acids that are vital to human health such as nicotinic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, unsaturated fatty acid, linoleic acid and cytosterol.  According to Chinese herbal medicine formulae, Dang Gui could be used to supplement cancer treatments for women. Recent laboratory and clinical researches in China, Japan, and Germany confirmed that medicinal elements that are found in Dang Gui could inhibit cancer cells growth, and rescind them by 50-70%.