Wan Chak Mod Luk  (Curcuma Comosa)
  not only helps rejuvenate female by reducing wrinkles, brightening skin, firming body muscles, but also improves female characteristics and female reproductive systems such as enlarging plus firming breasts, tightening vagina muscles, restoring sex drive, and lifting up loose belly from pregnancy.For its mood related properties, Wan Chak Mod Luk not only actively reduces stress, depression, and others undesirable choleric temperaments such short-tempered, irritable, aggression, but also promotes positive (calm, relax) moods and healthy emotional balance. Wan Chak Mod Luk also has unique properties to effectively lessen dysmenorrhea - commonly known as menstrual pains (cramps) and helps relieve pelvic pain. More importantly, phytoestrogen substances in Wan Chuk Mod Luk has anti-oxidant properties which helps prevent cell deterioration or cell abnormalities that can develop into cancer cells.