Kwao Kruea Khao (Pueraria Candollei Var Mirifica) is a famous Thai herb which has been widely consumed by Thai women since ancient time. It offers many benefits for women in promoting vitality and longevity. Active compounds called phytoestrogens in Kwao Kruea Khao are similar to female estrogen hormones such as Miroestrol and Deoxymiroestrol. These substances are not only help stimulating female characteristics such as breast enlargement, breast firming but also help promoting better younger looking skin through reducing wrinkle, rejuvenating sagging skin, and brightening skin.

Moreover, Pueraria Mirifica also contains substantial amounts of other important phytoestrogens that are beneficial to female such as daidzein, genistein, puerarin, and mirificin.

According to the announcement by the Ministry of Public Health B.E. 2549, Kwao Kruea Khao is considered as a dietary supplement and registered as nonprescription Thai herbal medicine which means that it can be taken directly without any prescription.